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Inhale lyrics - Cam Meekins


[Verse 1]
I made this beat in 5 minutes I just had to let my mind go
I guess I've just been thinking bout where all my fucking time go
Sitting reminiscing bout them days when I wasn't worried bout writing songs to get paid
I know you've helped me in the past god so thank you
I really haven't done a lot recently to repay you
Last weekend I cheated again
I look up in the mirror I don't know who I am
I ask you why do I neglect the only people that love me
Why am I so beautiful but still think that I'm ugly
How come I appreciate these little things so much
And how come me and all these old friends have lost touch
I mean to do the right thing
Sometimes I think I'm evil tho
Borrowed my friends car didn't even pay the meter yo
And ohhh no
I just let another good thing go

Gotta inhale
The stress kills me but the sex sells
Gotta inhale
Cuz I don't really know what I'm doing oh no

[Verse 2]
I had a whole album and I hated it
Took me two years to finally just make some shit
I used to be signed to a major and shit
I still am, and truthfully I hate that shit
I guess me and my tendencies are everlasting
The past seems so far away and ill never grasp it
I'm still tryna hold on to when I was the ball captain
Making friends and smoking weed after all my classes
And last week I had this melody but never rapped it
Guess I was to busy sitting at a college campus
Cuz I don't go to school I ain't as smart as you
You follow the rules and get a job guess what you'll die too
So I'm just tryna keep the good times going
If I surround myself with people then my minds flowing
It's when I find myself alone that my minds roaming
And then I sat and wrote this song like where the fuck I'm going
I honestly quit smoking for a year
But some blizzard came and hit and I was just sitting here
Had to hit it slow it had me coughing like the swine flu
A psychology major couldn't survive in my mind dude


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